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The CIRIEC Office in Costa Rica has the honor to invite you to the: "Eighth CIRIEC International Scientific Conference, Solidarity Social Economy and the 2030 agenda: inclusive and sustainable development through innovative social practices"

The objective of this congress will be to provide a dissemination space for approximately 180 presentations, which will deepen the discussion on the following thematic axes; 1. Public policies and Social Solidarity Economy 2. Social promotion strategies 3. Innovation and technology 4. Sustainability and accessibility 5. Measurement of the incidents and impacts of the Social Solidarity Economy.

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Fechas clave:

jan 2021

Abstract submission in Spanish, French and English

jan 2021

Deadline for presentation of abstracts

mar 2021

Approval of abstracts and delivery of approval letters

Jul 2021

Delivery of full papers

Jul 2021

Closing of registration to participate exhibitors with approved papers

aug 2021
Final program of presentations
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sep 2021

Realization of the event


Thematic Axes

politicas publicas

Public policies and social solidarity economy

  1. Solidarity Social Economy to generate economic, social and environmental development.
  2. The circular economy as a tool of the Social Solidarity Economy preserves the terrestrial ecosystems.
  3. Political democratization and territorial development under a Social Solidarity Economy approach.
  4. Shared economy model under a Social Solidarity Economy approach to promote sustainable development.

estrategias promocion

Social promotion strategies

  1. Sustainable entrepreneurship and social economy as drivers of territorial development.
  2. Spin-Off Model under a Social Solidarity Economy approach to generate sustainable development.
  3. Empowerment and entrepreneurship with a gender perspective, to create development models under a social solidarity economy approach.
  4. Social Business Responsibility as a motor for economic development and progress.
  5. Social innovations of products and services to reduce social inequalities.


Innovation and technology

  1. Social Solidarity Economy for food security.
  2. Public health and access to drinkable water as an inherent right for people in Social Solidarity Economy.
  3. Importance of Social Solidarity Economy to build sustainable cities.
  4. Social Solidarity Economy as a safeguard to mitigate climate change.
  5. Social Sea innovation projects under a Social Solidarity Economy approach.


Sustainability and accessibility

  1. Innovation and clean energies according to social solidarity economy models to preserve natural resources.
  2. Innovation and measurement  indicators.
  3. Innovación y tecnologías disruptivas bajo un enfoque de economía social solidaria.

politicas publicas

Performance and impact of the SSE

  1. Satellite accounts in SSE.
  2. Measurement indicators of the Sustainable Internal Gross Public.
  3. Technological applications to measure social, economic and environmental variables.


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•Access to all conferences, plenaries and presentations

• Conference material

• Certificate of participation

The consignment must be uploaded, scanned and attached in PDF format, to formalize participation in the event. Attendees and speakers will receive an acceptance letter to the event by email.